[Linux-cluster] virtualized guest failback

Stepan Kadlec skadlec at gk-software.com
Fri Dec 12 13:20:28 UTC 2008

I have working failover of virtualized guest. could someone give me hint 
how to configure the vm failover to failback after recovery? eg. vm_A 
runs xen01, xen01 fails, so xen02 takes over the vm_A, after xen01 is up 
again, the vm_A is migrated back to xen01.

I have already tried many config combinations, but without success - the 
vm_A always stays on the failover host.

my expected config (which still doesn't work) is:

       <failoverdomain name="xen01" restricted="1" ordered="1">
         <failoverdomainnode name="xen01.localdom" priority="2"/>
         <failoverdomainnode name="xen02.localdom" priority="1"/>
       <failoverdomain name="xen02" restricted="1" ordered="1">
         <failoverdomainnode name="xen01.localdom" priority="1"/>
         <failoverdomainnode name="xen02.localdom" priority="2"/>

     <vm autostart="1" domain="xen01" exclusive="0" migrate="live" 
name="vm_A" path="/etc/xen/vm" recovery="relocate"/>
     <vm autostart="1" domain="xen02" exclusive="0" migrate="live" 
name="vm_B" path="/etc/xen/vm" recovery="relocate"/>

any hints? thanks stepan

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