[Linux-cluster] Equivalent of Sun /dev/console logs & audit trail

sunhux G sunhux at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 14:55:07 UTC 2008


I used to capture logs shown on a Sun servers  /dev/console (bootup,
& shutdown messages amongst them) by using a smaller Sun server to telnet to
a terminal server which is connected to the "to be captured" Sun servers'

Is there any equivalent for Linux?  Can I connect up to Com1 or Com2 ports
of the PC server hardware running Linux?

When the auditor requires "audit trail", do they normally ask for "psacct" &
"sudo" logs only or what?  Kindly share what your auditors/security guys
asks for when they ask for audit trail.

I come from OpenVMS background & to me "audit trail" means screen logging
& keylogging everything that's entered by System Admin/support personnel
(in Unix equivalent, the moment you login,  you issue
 "script logfile;  then do whatever ...;  exit" - the scripted logfile is
what's needed

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