[Linux-cluster] parallel fs vs. cluster fs

Marian Marinov mm at yuhu.biz
Wed Dec 24 13:55:56 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 24 December 2008 12:52:43 Jure Pečar wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm following the opensource cluster filesystem area for quite some time
> now. I was playing with gfs back then when it was still owned by Sistina
> and from the look of things today, gfs is still full of performance and
> reliabiliry issues.
> I understand that clustered fs is a _hard_ problem ... but isn't solving it
> just waste of time?
> Because recently I found www.gluster.org - a neat, simple, scalable,
> performant and reliable parallel filesystem, which does the almost same job
> as gfs, just better. Are there any scenarios where gfs would be more
> suitable than gluster?
> Opinions?

As I'm working on glusterfs and use it extensively on many places. I must say, 
even thou it is very scalable it lacks the good performance on one big shared 

I find that GFS/GFS2/OCFS2 are better suited for shared storage then any other 
parallel fs.

Marian Marinov

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