[Linux-cluster] IP resource behavior

Lon Hohberger lhh at redhat.com
Wed Jul 2 18:29:08 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 12:57 -0600, Jeremy Lyon wrote:
> Hi,
> We noticed today that if we manually remove an IP via ip a del <IP>/32
> dev bond0 that the service does not detect this and does not cause a
> fail over.  Shouldn't the service be statusing the IP resource to make
> sure it is configured and up?  We do have the monitor link option
> enabled.  This is cluster 2 on RHEL 5.1

Yes, it should have detected it.  However, there's a bug in the stable2
branch which could cause it to fail in your case, particularly if your
IP ends in say .25

-- Lon

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