[Linux-cluster] Multipathing, CLVM and GFS

Sajesh Singh ssingh at amnh.org
Wed Jul 2 18:58:12 UTC 2008

Centos 4.6
Cluster Suite

I am currently running a 2 node GFS cluster. The storage is provided via 
a fiber channel connection to the SAN. Each node currently has  a single 
FC connection to the SAN. I would like to migrate to using dm-multipath 
with each node having dual fiber channel connections to the SAN. Can I 
assume that CLVM is aware of the /dev/dm-# devices that are used to 
access the multipathed devices? Are there any gotchas that are 
associated with installing the device-mapper-multipath software after 
the GFS cluster is up and running? Are there any howtos available for 
this type of setup?

Regards and TIA,

Sajesh Singh

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