[Linux-cluster] lock_dlm to lock_nolock

Ozgur Akan ozgurakan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 17:31:25 UTC 2008

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Can I mount a gfs filesystem formatted with lock_dlmlock and use it without
a problem in the cluster if I have proper fencing and that fs is mounted to
only one node at a time?

mount -o lockproto=lock_nolock /dev/mapper/cluster_vg-test2_lv /gfstwo/

[root at rhtest01 ~]# ./ping -rw /gfstwo/test 1
data increment = 1
  140012 locks/sec
[root at rhtest01 ~]# gfs2_tool df /gfstwo/
  SB lock proto = "lock_dlm"
  SB lock table = "testcluster:gfstwo"
  SB ondisk format = 1801
  SB multihost format = 1900
  Block size = 4096
  Journals = 3
  Resource Groups = 60
  Mounted lock proto = "lock_nolock"
  Mounted lock table = "testcluster:gfstwo"
  Mounted host data = ""
  Journal number = 0
  Lock module flags = 1
  Local flocks = TRUE

Ozgur Akan
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