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P, Prakash Prakash.P at lsi.com
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Yes you can do with iSCSI. You need to install iSCSI software target on the spare RHEL machine & configure the disk space as virtual SCSI volume.

And on the both machines of the two node cluster you need to install iSCSI initiators establish iSCSI session with your target server & u can see the volume on both these servers.

If you are new to iSCSI & feel it takes more time. You can go for NAS, simply create a NFS share using the spare RHEL machine & export it to both the nodes of cluster. On Cluster nodes create some NFS resources for mounting the share automatically.


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Hello Guys,

Just Now I have been successful in configuring the two Node Fail-over Cluster. It was tested on RHEL 4.0 U2.Now I have few queries and I know you people gonna help me out.Since This was small two Node Cluster Setup.I have few script which I am running on one primary server and on disabling Ethernet on one , the other is taking responsibility to start the same service plus rebooting the disabled system
That is working fine.

Now Let me tell you I don't have Shared Storage.Is there any alternative for that.
Somewhere I read about iSCSI but donnno whether it will be helpful.

I have one RHEL System of 40 GB. Can I make it Shared Storage.
Its Just a matter of Testing a script.
Do Let me Know how gonna it be possible.Or Any Doc Which Talk about that?

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