[Linux-cluster] Basic 2 node NFS cluster setup help

Brad Filipek bfilipek at crscold.com
Thu Jul 10 17:41:59 UTC 2008

Anybody running a 2 node NFS setup like this? 


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I am a little unsure on how to properly setup an NFS export on my 2 node cluster. I have 1 service in cluster manager called "cluster" and 4 resources:
1) Virtual IP of (which binds to eth0)
2) Virtual IP of (which binds to eth1)
3) ext3 file system mount at /SAN/LogVol2 called "data"
4) ext3 file system mount at /SAN/LogVol3 called "shared"
When I start the cluster services using just these 4 resources assiged to my one service called "cluster", everything starts up and works fine. 
What I need to do is assign 3 NFS exports:
/SAN/LogVol3/files             webserver(ro,sync)
/SAN/LogVol3/webup          webserver(rw,sync)
/SAN/LogVol2/webdown      webserver(ro,sync)
Do I need to create 3 new "NFS Export" resources for these? When I select the "NFS Export" option within cluster suite, I only have one field to fill in - Name. It does not let me select the path that I want to export and which options to allow such as the host, ro or rw, etc. I am just trying to make the above exports available on my cluster's virtual IP of instead of setting it up on each of the two nodes and manually starting the NFS service on whichever node is active in the cluster. Do I still need to create an /etc/exports file with all 3 of these entries on each node? Or is there a config file somewhere else? I read the NFS cookbook but it explains how to setup NFS using multiple services (I only have one service) with active/active GFS (I am using EXT3 in active/passive). 
Thanks in advance for any help. 

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