[Linux-cluster] gfs2, kvm setup

J. Bruce Fields bfields at fieldses.org
Sat Jul 12 03:33:08 UTC 2008

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 07:25:29PM -0400, bfields wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 02:27:14PM +0100, Steven Whitehouse wrote:
> > a packet thats supposedly from .129 except that its mac address is now
> > 0:ff:1d:e9:b9:a3. So it looks like the .129 address might be configured
> > on two different nodes, either that or there is something odd going on
> > with bridging.
> Th mystery mac address 00:ff:1d:e9:b9:a3 of both vnet0 and vnet4.  vnet0
> is the bridge, which has ip .1 on the host, and which is also the
> interface that wireshark is being run on.  The other two addresses are
> the mac addresses of the (virtual) ethernet interfaces inside the two
> kvm's, with ip's .129 and .130 respectively.  So .130 is sending to the
> expected mac address for .129, but responses from .130 are getting the
> mac address of vnet0/vnet4.
> I'm running wireshark on the host on vnet0.  Just out of curiosity, I
> ran it on the host on vnet1 instead, and this time saw the first DLM
> connection made from ip .1 and piglet2's mac address.  Erp.  Ok, I'll
> experiment some more and look at the /sbin/ip output.

Bah, yes, I clearly got the network configuration completely screwed up
at some point--it must be trying to do some kind of NAT, though that
clearly makes no sense.  I'll get this untangled and then I think it
should be OK....


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