[Linux-cluster] How to Install Cluster-2.03.<> Package..

Singh Raina, Ajeet ajeet.singh.raina at logica.com
Mon Jul 14 09:12:34 UTC 2008

I have an old Cluster RPM installed on my machine.Now I have got
cluster-2.03.04 Package.
How Can I install it?

When I tried untarring the package and installing,it threw the following

[root at loy cluster-2.03.04]# ./configure

Configuring Makefiles for your system...

Checking tree: nothing to do

Checking kernel:
 Unable to find (/usr/src/linux/Makefile)!
 Make sure that:
 - the above path is correct
 - your kernel is properly configured and prepared.
 - kernel_build and kernel_src options to configure are set properly.
[root at loy cluster-2.03.04]# cd 

I am also not getting any Doc for that.
Pls Help

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