[Linux-cluster] How to Install Cluster-2.03.<> Package..

Singh Raina, Ajeet ajeet.singh.raina at logica.com
Mon Jul 14 10:05:39 UTC 2008

I have already setup Cluster-0.9 version Setup.Will Kernel upgradation
flush this out?
Can you let me know the quick steps to do that?
I checked with the List of kernel version and I think RHEL 4 Update 3
will be the right choice?

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Singh Raina, Ajeet wrote:
> I did the steps said by you but it is throwing error:
> [root at BL01DL385 cluster-2.03.04]# ./configure
> Configuring Makefiles for your system...
> Checking tree: nothing to do
> Checking kernel:
>  Current kernel version: 2.6.9
>  Minimum kernel version: 2.6.25
> Should I have to upgrade the kernel Version.
Yes. You will have to upgrade the kernel.
Check http://www.kernel.org/ for the latest stable kernel.

Gowrishankar Rajaiyan

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