[Linux-cluster] Node with failed service does not get fenced.

Jonas Helgi Palsson jonas at linpro.no
Mon Jul 21 21:35:39 UTC 2008


Running CentOS 5.2, all current updates on x86_64 platform.

I have set up a 2node cluster with following resources in one service

* one shared MD device (the resource is a script that assembles and stops 
the , device and checks its status).
* one shared filesystem,
* one shared NFS startup script,
* one shared ip.

Which are started in that order.

And the cluster works normaly, I can move the service between the two nodes.

But I have observed one behavior that is not good. Once when trying to move 
the service from one node to another, the clustermanager could not "umount" 
the filesystem. 
Although "lsof | grep <mountpoint>" did not show anything, "umount -f 
<mountpoint>" did not work. ("umount -l <mountpoint>" did the job)

But when the clustermanager failed on that, it also failes on the MD script 
and goes into "failed" status, with a message that "manual intervention is 

Why does the node not get fenced down?

Upon "reboot -f" the service does not start until the faulty node is back 

Are there any magical things one can put in cluster.conf to get the behavior I 
want? That if a service does not want to stop cleanly, fence the node and 
start the service on another node?

Jonas Helgi Palsson

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