[Linux-cluster] 2 questions regarding gfs and gfs2

Alex linux at vfemail.net
Thu Jul 31 08:58:29 UTC 2008


Using conga, to generate cluster.conf file i saw by default, when is choosen 
GFS File system, in cluster.conf file is generated fsid="35790" and 
fstype="gfs" vor a gfs volume.

[snip from my cluster.conf]
clusterfs device="/dev/myvg1/mylv1" force_unmount="0" 
fsid="35790" fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/var/www/html

With this config, mylv1 has failed to mount because /dev/myvg1/mylv1 is gfs2 
formatted. In this case, I changed manually in cluster.conf 
fstype="gfs2" (leaving unchanged fsid="35790"), and now mylv1 is mounted 
without problem.

- GFS2 has the same fsid as GFS? If not, which value is correct?
- On centos-5.2, i saw that by default is used GFS2, which many peoples says 
that is not good for production use. Is this true or in centos/rhel-5.2 this 
has been changed and GFS2 is enough mature to be considered "production 


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