[Linux-cluster] apache resource problem in RHCS 5.1

Lorenz Pfiffner lp at xbe.ch
Wed Jun 4 13:31:45 UTC 2008

Hi Ron

Thanks for replying! Your answer gave me some tipps, but none of them worked for me. I don't have SELinux enabled or permissive, it's disabled anyway.

I couldn't make it working with the apache resource. For me it seems quite unstable and it's nowhere really mentioned in any documentation I found. So please, if any RedHat guy is reading this, can 
you please improve this feature and put it into the official documentation. For example, why does the apache.sh script change the "Listen" directive? How can I execute apache.sh manually to debug the 

My workaround: I altered the default httpd script and made a script resource. In that case it's working as expected. The only thing that bothers me quite a lot is the relocation time. It takes about 
50 to 60 seconds to relocate 5 IPs, a GFS mount and the apache script resource! Is this a reasonable time? On older clusters I remember times around 5 to 10 seconds.

Kind regards

Ron Cronenwett wrote:
> Hi Lorenz
> I had a similar problem while testing with Centos 5.1 on a VMWare
> workstation setup. One more difference, I have been using
> system-config-cluster
> to configure the cluster. Luci seemed to be giving me problems with
> setting up a mount of an NFS export. But I have not retried Luci since
> changing
> the selinux setting I mention below.
> I found if I did not configure SELinux with setenforce permissive, the
> /usr/share/cluster/apache.sh script did not execute. Once that runs,
> it creates
> /etc/cluster/apache/apache:"name". In that subdirectory, the script
> creates an httpd.conf file from /etc/httpd/httpd.conf. I also found
> the new httpd.conf
> had the Listen statement commented out even though I had set it to my
> clustered address in /etc/httpd/httpd. I needed to manually uncomment
> the
> Listen statement on each node in /etc/cluster/apache/apache:"name"/httpd.conf.
> Hope this helps.
> Ron C.
> On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 11:22 AM, Lorenz Pfiffner <lp at xbe.ch> wrote:
>> Hello everybody
>> I have the following test setup:
>> - RHEL 5.1 Cluster Suite with rgmanager-2.0.31-1 and cman-2.0.73-1
>> - Two VMware machines on an ESX 3.5 U1, so no fence device (it's only a test)
>> - 4 IP resources defined
>> - GFS over DRBD, doesn't matter, because it doesn't even work on a local disk
>> Now I would like to have an "Apache Resource" which i can select in the luci interface. I assume it's using the /usr/share/cluster/apache.sh script. If I try to start it, the error message looks like
>> this:
>> May 28 16:18:15 testsrv clurgmgrd: [18475]: <err> Starting Service apache:test_httpd > Failed
>> May 28 16:18:15 testsrv clurgmgrd[18475]: <notice> start on apache "test_httpd" returned 1 (generic error)
>> May 28 16:18:15 testsrv clurgmgrd[18475]: <warning> #68: Failed to start service:test_proxy_http; return value: 1
>> May 28 16:18:15 testsrv clurgmgrd[18475]: <notice> Stopping service service:test_proxy_http
>> May 28 16:18:16 testsrv clurgmgrd: [18475]: <err> Checking Existence Of File /var/run/cluster/apache/apache:test_httpd.pid [apache:test_httpd] > Failed - File Doesn't Exist
>> May 28 16:18:16 testsrv clurgmgrd: [18475]: <err> Stopping Service apache:test_httpd > Failed
>> May 28 16:18:16 testsrv clurgmgrd[18475]: <notice> stop on apache "test_httpd" returned 1 (generic error)
>> May 28 16:18:16 testsrv clurgmgrd[18475]: <warning> #71: Relocating failed service service:test_proxy_http
>> I've another cluster in which I had to alter the default init.d/httpd script to be able to run multiple apache instances (not vhosts) on one server. But there I have the Apache Service configured with
>> a "Script Resource".
>> Is this supposed to work of is it a feature in development? I don't see something like "Apache Resource" in the current documentation.
>> Kind Regards
>> Lorenz
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