[Linux-cluster] Info & documentation on configuring Power Fencing using IBM RSA II (x3850/3950 M2 servers )

sunhux G sunhux at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 07:53:46 UTC 2008


We've been googling to look for step by step guide on how to configure
IBM RSA II for power fencing in an RHES 5.1  environment.

Is it just as simple as this one page instruction below :

Some questions :

a)how do we get the "Add a New Fence Device" screen?  Is it somewhere on the
   Redhat Gnome desktop that I can click to bring it up?

b)the factory default IP addr of the RSA II  LAN port is
   What's the IP addr I can input in the above "Add New Fence Device"
   screen - must it be 192.168.70.x  (within same subnet as

c)do we repeat the same step("Add New Fence Device") for every RHES
   server in the cluster & is the same IP address/login id being input for
   each of the servers in the cluster?

The link below only gives a little concept, not actual configuration guide :

Any other links/information is much appreciated.

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