[Linux-cluster] GFS on fedora

Oliveiros Cristina oliveiros.cristina at gmail.com
Mon May 5 09:46:32 UTC 2008

Hello again , Gordan.

I understand what you explained.
But, actually, I don't want to run it on a production environment.
It is mainly for testing purposes, it's part of a work for university.

And , could you please tell me where can I download the source tree ?
I will need to read the code.

Thanks you for your help and thoughful considerations.

All The Best,

2008/5/5 Gordan Bobic <gordan at bobich.net>:

> Oliveiros Cristina wrote:
> > /"First part of the procedure is to not use FC if you plan for this to
> > be useful"
> >
> > /By this you mean that it is not a good idea to install it on FC? Is GFS
> > somewhat RH oriented?
> >
> FC is effectively RedHat alpha. There is no structural or organizational
> difference between them. The differences are in stability and the amount of
> testing that goes into things.
> GFS (and RedHat Cluster Services which GFS is a part of) will run on any
> distribution, of course - it's just that you may have to build the correct
> stable packages from source, which seems pointless when you can have
> something that just works already. It's down to personal preference.
>  I chose FC because I am not familiar with rh and I've read somewhere that
> > gfs would work on fc
> >
> It'll work, but running FC in a production environment is asking for
> trouble. You might as well run it on Gentoo and custom compile everything
> from bleeding edge sources, but it isn't going to help you achieve a stable
> system that has been tested by someone else other than just you.
> Gordan
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