[Linux-cluster] Multipathd not reliably picking up GNBD devices on client machines

Jerry Franz jfranz at freerun.com
Wed May 7 16:23:06 UTC 2008

I've about run out of ideas.

I have assembled a HA stack on Redhat Cluster where a pair of machines 
running DRBD in Primary/Primary mode over bonded gigabit ethernet 
interfaces serve six clustered logical volumes with GFS via GNBD to four 
other machines. All ethernet interfaces are bonded. I've got bonding, 
GNBD, CLVMD, Multipath and DRBD all happy: Except that multipathd simply 
refuses to *reliably* pick up the GNBD devices during system boot. I'll 
run '/etc/init.d/multipathd reload' by hand (sometimes it takes more 
than once) and it will sooner or later pick them up, but I can see no 
rhyme or reason to it: Sometimes it just works, and sometimes it 
doesn't. I'll boot a client machine once and everything might work fine. 
I'll reboot it again, and maybe multipathd won't find the GNBD devices 
(or maybe it will find _some_ of them).


Benjamin Franz

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