[Linux-cluster] Why GFS is so slow? What it is waiting for?

Ja S jas199931 at yahoo.com
Thu May 8 21:27:00 UTC 2008

Hi, All:

I used to post this question before, but have not
received any comments yet. Please allow me post it

I have a subdirectory containing more than 30,000
small files on a SAN storage (GFS1+DLM, RAID10). No
user application knows the existence of the
subdirectory. In other words, the subdirectory is free
of accessing. 

However, it took ages to list the subdirectory on an
absolute idle cluster node. See below:

# time ls -la | wc -l

real    3m5.249s
user    0m0.628s
sys     0m5.137s

There are about 3 minutes spent on somewhere. Does
anyone have any clue what the system was waiting for?

Thanks for your time and wish to see your valuable
comments soon.


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