[Linux-cluster] Re: Why GFS is so slow? What it is waiting for?

Klaus Steinberger Klaus.Steinberger at physik.uni-muenchen.de
Fri May 9 09:14:01 UTC 2008


> However, it took ages to list the subdirectory on an
> absolute idle cluster node. See below:
> # time ls -la | wc -l
> 31767
> real    3m5.249s
> user    0m0.628s
> sys     0m5.137s
> There are about 3 minutes spent on somewhere. Does
> anyone have any clue what the system was waiting for?

Did you tune glock's?  I found that it's very important for performance of 

I'm doing the following tunings currently:

gfs_tool settune /export/data/etp quota_account 0
gfs_tool settune /export/data/etp glock_purge 50
gfs_tool settune /export/data/etp demote_secs 200
gfs_tool settune /export/data/etp statfs_fast 1

Switch off quota off course only if you don't need it. All this tunings have 
to be done every time after mounting, so do it in a init.d script running 
after GFS mount, and of course do it on every node.

Here is the link to the glock paper:


The glock tuning (glock_purge and demote_secs parameters) definitly solved  a 
problem we had here with the Tivoli Backup Client. Before it was running for 
days and sometimes even did give up. We observed heavy lock traffic.

After changing the glock parameters times for the backup did go down 
dramatically, we now can run a Incremental Backup on a 4 TByte filesystem in 
under 4 hours. So give it a try.

There is some more tuning, which could be done unfortunately just on creation 
of filesystem. The default number of Resource Groups is ways too large for 
nowadays TByte Filesystems. 


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