[Linux-cluster] Re: GFS vs GFS2

Chris Picton lists at tangent.co.za
Fri May 9 14:34:32 UTC 2008

On Wed, 07 May 2008 13:09:21 +0100, Steven Whitehouse wrote:
>> >>
>> >>  Is GFS2 not production-ready due to lack of testing, or due to
>> >>  known bugs?
>> >>
>> >>  Any advice would be appreciated
>> >>
>> >>  Chris
>> >>
>> >>
> The answer is a bit of both. We are getting to the stage where the known
> bugs are mostly solved or will be very shortly. You can see the state of
> the bug list at any time by going to bugzilla.redhat.com and looking for
> any bug with gfs2 in the summary line. There are currently approx 70
> such bugs, but please bear in mind that a large number of these are
> asking for new features, and some of them are duplicates of the same bug
> across different versions of RHEL and/or Fedora.
> We are currently at a stage where having a large number of people
> helping us in testing would be very helpful. If you have your own
> favourite filesystem test, or if you are in a position to run a test
> application, then we would be very interested in any reports of
> success/failure.

Thank you for the update.

I assume that if things go according to plan, we wont see a supported 
gfs2 in 5.2, but probably will in 5.3?

I, oddly enough, currently have a situation where running some bonnie++ 
tests causes machines to hang using gfs, but not gfs2.  I will file a bug 
report when I can.


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