[Linux-cluster] GFS in High Traffic ?

Leo Pleiman lpleiman at redhat.com
Sat May 17 00:37:28 UTC 2008


We have similar demands at my customer, and with larger file systems. We 
have gotten good results by placing the cluster traffic on a dedicated 
interface. Once the cluster traffic (as defined in the cluster.conf 
file) was placed on a dedicated interface all our stabilization problems 
disappeared. If you hardware is interface limited, you can use vlan 
tagging and place the cluster traffic in a dedicated vlan. It doesn't 
provide the additional bandwidth but it seems to dramatically help.

When we asked the same question, the general answer from the developers 
was, "it is always a good idea to place cluster traffic on a dedicated 
interface." As an interesting note, for an oracle RAC installation, the 
Oracle cluster traffic MUST be on a dedicated interface.

Paul Berry wrote:
> Hey guys - we're struggling with a GFS setup to get our 8 high traffic
> servers onto a NEXSAN SataBoy so that we can leave our RSYNC process
> which we've pushed to the extents of its capacity
> We don't have all that much data, its less then  1TB total. The trick
> is that these files get requested simultaneously under pretty
> significant load. And as soon as we get 3 or 4 servers mounted to the
> SAN we get melt-downs.
> We also struggled today with one server messing with the journals and
> taking down the other servers that were looking at the SAN (disaster).
> The broad question I'd love to hear - is GFS a good solution to get
> into for a situation like this?
> I'd love to hear thoughts on this, and suggestions on the right path
> is this seems like the wrong one
> Best regards,
> Pau
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