[Linux-cluster] Regarding RHEL 4 cluster failover

shajie ahmed shajie_ahmed at yahoo.com
Mon May 26 08:20:12 UTC 2008

Hi ,

  I am using cluster suite in RHEL 4 for a two -node cluster , using ILO for fencing. I have configured and running my services on it. I have two questions to ask --

Q1 :: How can I set the maximum number or restarts for a service ?

 If a service has  failed on one node and cluster is trying to restart it and for any reason if the service does not starts on that node. How can I set the cluster to relocate the service to other node after a fixed number or restarts??

Q2. When power cable gets faulty??
If for any reason one node goes out of power supply then the services running on it are not relocated to the other node and even the other node is unaware of the failure of that node .....what can I do for this?? 

Please suggest.

Syed Shajie Ahmed.


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