[Linux-cluster] one click to start httpd on all nodes - possible?

Alex linux at vfemail.net
Mon Sep 1 08:54:43 UTC 2008

On Friday 29 August 2008 18:44, Jeff Stoner wrote:
> If you are running httpd on all nodes, why are you managing httpd with
> RHCS in the first place? Simply "chkconfig httpd on" and when the server
> starts, httpd will start, too.

Hello Jeff,

Here, http has been used just as an example. Could be any other service (ftp, 
proxy cache, etc) or shared resurce (a gfs volume mounted on all our 
servers). Here i am talking about functionality...

> If you want to build a simple web server farm, this is more easily
> accomplished using a load balancer (hardware or software) in front of
> the web servers than with Cluster Services.
> Perhaps you could explain in more detail what you are trying to
> accomplish. Are there an additional resources (file system mount, ip
> address, etc.) associated with httpd. Under what conditions would you
> start or stop httpd on a node?

Simple: supposing that i have 3 thiered cluster model (1st thier configured 
for HA and load balancing, 2nd thier with N nodes acting as real servers, all 
running the same service and accesing a shared volume via iscsi, and 3rd 
thier acting as SAN), i need a "command center" to control (start/stop) a 
resourse/service globally in 2nd thier, on all N nodes. For example, 
currently i am using fstab to mount at boot time a shared GFS volume on all 
our cluster nodes. There are some cases, when i want that resource to be 
unmounted at the same time on all nodes... Is difficult and take time to ssh 
inside each node and stop a service accessing that resource and after that 
umount resource on each node (eg: service httpd stop && 
umount /dev/my_shared_volume). Maybe, what i want is not possible using 
cluster configuration, but i would like to know, how other peoples are are 
achieving this task.


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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I have 3 nodes, forming a cluster. How sould be configured a
> > service in
> > cluster.conf file in order to be able to stop or to start
> > httpd daemon on all
> > our nodes at the same time? All i can find in docs is related
> > to failover
> > scenario (stoping httpd on one node wil cause starting httpd
> > on other node)
> > which is not what i need. For nodes management i am using
> > conga, so, i would
> > like to have a service to do that? Is possible? If not,
> > should i use other
> > external tools (like nagios) to do that?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Alx
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