[Linux-cluster] dlm: no local IP address has been set

Mark Chaney macscr at macscr.com
Wed Sep 3 10:05:02 UTC 2008

grr, I am still getting this error every so often:

dlm: no local IP address has been set
dlm: cannot start dlm lowcomms -107

but my hosts files are fine and actually all servers are members of the
error is only showing on 1 of 3 servers and its always right after they come
back up after being fenced.

I am running CentOS 5.2 and am using the newest stable packages, using yum.
Here is an example of my hosts files:       localhost.localdomain   localhost
#::1    localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
67.xxx.159.xx wheeljac.blah.com wheeljack
67.xxx.159.xx skydive.blah.com skydive
67.xxx.159.xx ratchet.blah.com ratchet    wheeljack.local    ratchet.local    skydive.local

The .local hostnames are the names of my nodes in my cluster.conf. Like I
said, the server joined the cluster fine, but since DLM had the issue, CLVMD
wasn't able to start.

Any help would sincerely be appreciated.


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