[Linux-cluster] Unable to retrieve batch 1776334432 status from....

Chen, Mockey (NSN - CN/Cheng Du) mockey.chen at nsn.com
Wed Sep 10 09:56:51 UTC 2008


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>I have justed started using cluster tools for the first time 
>so my question might be a bit obvious to the expierenced eye.
>I am getting the following error when trying to do config 
>changes using luci.
>Unable to retrieve batch 423452352 status from
>longapa02alt.gta.travel:11111: ccs_tool failed to propagate 
>conf: unable to connect to the CCS daemon: connection refused 
>Failed to update config file.

I maybe due to you not start ccsd daemon. try to use 
ccs_test connect 
to test whether you can connect your ccsd daemon.

In RHCS 5, you can start ccsd by following command:
service cman start

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