[Linux-cluster] Monitoring services/customize failure criteria

Jeff Stoner jstoner at opsource.net
Thu Sep 11 16:59:42 UTC 2008

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> Just for clarification, if I use a script resource will the 
> same script
> be used with a status parameter to check the status of the resource?


> Where is the frequency specified for health checking of the resource
> whether it be a custom script of apache? If we want to check health
> every second where can I set this frequency? I have used luci web
> interface up until now to do my configs with and have not 
> seen anywhere
> yet where I can set frequency of health checks.


> I kind of expected a more complex frame work for health checking but
> from my understanding of your reply it seems very simple by just
> requiring the starting script to respond to status requests.

Correct. The script resource is generic - used for when a more specific
resource type is not available. For the developers to build a framework
to do health checking is adding (potentially) a lot of complexity where
it may not be warranted. Simply throw it back on the implementer to deal
with - the KISS principle.  :-)

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