[Linux-cluster] fence start-up issue

Eric Ritchie eritchie at interactivebrokers.com
Fri Sep 12 21:42:38 UTC 2008

    I sometimes run into an issue when a node in my 2-node cluster is 
rebooting and hangs on fenced. It seems it can't communicate with the 
other node and after the post_join_delay, it fences the other node. This 
happened again today, and when the second node rebooted after the fence, 
they were in a split-brain configuration.
    I saw in the cluster faq, in the cman section, question 6 that the 
cluster communication network should be the same network as the fencing 
device. I think this may be my problem but I don't understand why. I'm 
using HP iLo for fencing and I setup cross-connect cables for the 
cluster communication between the 2 nodes. Why would having cluster 
communication and fencing on different networks be an issue?

Thanks for your time

Eric Ritchie
Interactive Brokers LLC

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