[Linux-cluster] fast_stafs

Jeremy Lyon jerlyon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 18:28:06 UTC 2008


I was reading through a write up on fast_statsf,
http://people.redhat.com/rpeterso/Patches/GFS/readme.gfs_fast_statfs.R4.  In
the explanation of how the code works in 2.6 states:

2.6 Local change (delta) is synced to disk whenever quota daemon is
waked up and the (a tunable, default to 5 seconds). It is then
subsequently zeroed out.

Does this mean that I can't mount a GFS file system with the noquota option
and use fast_statfs?

Also, am I correct in understanding that if there is an unclean shutdown
that it is best to turn off fast_statfs  and then back on to get the statfs
data in sync on existing nodes?

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