[Linux-cluster] GFS volume hangs on 3 nodes after gfs_grow

Alan A alan.zg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 19:04:29 UTC 2008

Hi all!

I have 3 node test cluster utilizing SCSI fencing and GFS. I have made 2 GFS
Logical Volumes - lvm1 and lvm2, both utilizing 5GB on 10GB disks. Testing
the command line tools I did lvextend -L +1G /devicename to bring lvm2 to
6GB. This went fine without any problems. Then I issued command gfs_grow
/mountpoint and the volume became inaccessible. Any command trying to access
the volume hangs, and umount returns: /sbin/umount.gfs: /lvm2: device is

Few questions - Since I have two volumes on this cluster and the lvm1 works
just fine, would there be any suggestions to unmounting lvm2 in order to try
and fix it?
Is gfs_grow - bug free or not (use/do not use)?
Is there any other way besides restarting the cluster/ nodes to get lvm2
back in operational state?
Alan A.
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