[Linux-cluster] Fwd: GFS volume hangs on 3 nodes after gfs_grow

jim parsons jparsons at redhat.com
Fri Sep 26 16:02:03 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-09-26 at 11:33 -0400, Bob Peterson wrote:
> ----- "Alan A" <alan.zg at gmail.com> wrote:
> | This is worse than I tought. The entire cluster is hanging upon
> | restart
> | command issued from the Conga - lucy box. I tried bringing gfs service
> | down
> | on node2 (lucy) with the: service gfs stop (we are not running
> | rgmanager),
> | and I got:
> | FATAL: Module gfs is in use.
> Hi Alan,
> It sounds like conga can't reboot the cluster because the GFS file
> system is still mounted, or is in use.  I don't know much about conga,
> so forgive my ignorance there.  You may need to unmount the gfs file
> system before you reboot.  The dmesg you sent looked perfectly normal
> to me.  Those are normal openais messages.  I'm more interested to
> see if there were any "File system withdrawn" messages, general protection
> faults, or kernel panic messages or other serious kernel errors on any
> of the nodes in the cluster just around the time of the first failure.
> This is just a wild guess, but I'm guessing that there was some kind
> of error, like a kernel panic that occurred a while back.  That caused
> the node to be fenced.  Perhaps the SCSI fencing locked up the device
> somehow so none of the nodes can use it.  If that's the case, you
> should be able to log in to each of the nodes, unmount the gfs file
> systems that are mounted, manually, and then reboot them.
> If it doesn't let you unmount them, it might be because some process
> is still using the GFS file system.  For example, if you're using
> NFS to export the GFS file system, you probably need to do
> service nfs stop before it will let you unmount the gfs, then reboot.

The luci storage tab should allow you to do this as well.
Perhaps Conga can be coerced into investigating if this is the problem,
and just doing the right thing. Feel free to file a ticket for this
capability. It would be nice to have this in 2.0


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