[Linux-cluster] Requesting help in regard to clustering as drbd unavailable in FC11

Vikram Goyal vikigoyal at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 07:04:31 UTC 2009

Hello All,

I need to implement a two node cluster through heartbeat and drbd as a
redundant solution to one of our db application.

Since I am running fc11, I did not find drbd rpm in the repos. Drbd
module can be compiled and installed but I want to remain with the rpms
available through repos. Also since the module is not available in repos
then something else must have replaced it with better functionality.

Could you please suggest what has replaced drbd as I could not find
any such info on the net or better if any pointers are given for the
latest info on the net as to how to go about it in FC11, maybe with
nbd etc.

Thanks for your help,

Vikram Goyal
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