[Linux-cluster] Is there any backup heartbeat channel

Hakan VELIOGLU veliogluh at itu.edu.tr
Wed Aug 12 09:08:57 UTC 2009

Hi list,

I am trying a two node cluster with RH 5.3 on Sun X4150 hardware. I  
use a private network for heartbeat channel and fence_ipmilan for  
fencing the two node. When I unplug the heartbeat channel cable, both  
cluster nodes shut themselves down with fence_ipmilan.

I think the single point of failure for this design is private  
heartbeat channel. I made a search on the web and there seems no  
backup heartbeat channel (like LVS) on cluster suite.

How can I overcome this single point of failure problem?

One solution is I think, bonding heartbeat interfaces, however I use  
all available interfaces and there is no extra interface for private  
heartbeat channel. For this reason this solution doesn't suit me.

Anybody has an idea to overcome heartbeat channel failure problem.

Hakan Velioğlu

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