[Linux-cluster] Questions about rgmanager

brem belguebli brem.belguebli at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 09:01:05 UTC 2009


I have a few questions about rgmanager:

1) How to make it take into account resource metadata changes without
restarting it. service rgmanager reload (or kill -HUP) doesn't.
    In case one needs to change some timers in a resource metadata, the only
way to make it is to stop and start rgmanager which brings down the

2) Is there a way to log what "rules" rgmanager succeded to load at start
time (or the ones it failed to), as having a "24 rules loaded" message isn't
very explicit.

The last point concerns the potential replacement of rgmanager with
pacemaker (as stated at http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/wiki/RGManager).
Will this happen in a near future ?

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