[Linux-cluster] Preventing LVM from concurrent access

Edson Marquezani Filho edsonmarquezani at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 15:35:39 UTC 2009


I'm a begginer on that cluster stuff, so I ask you for help.

I'm setting up a environment with virtual machines running upon Xen,
two servers, and a SAN storage. I want to set up a very simple
high-availability scenario, where once my master server goes down,
slave creates again those virtual machines on it. (What would
correspond to a restart of all machines, off course.)

Ok, I could do that with Heartbeat, with a very simple configuration
based on its version 1. It worked as expected.

My problem now is related to SAN data access.

I want to prevent data to be simultaneously mounted by both servers,
in a situation when I don't have master server down, altough it could
look like this. I'm connecting servers through a crossover UTP cable.
If it get disconnected or any of those dedicated interfaces goes down,
slave server would think that master server is down, and would
recreate all my virtual machines, altough it isn't down, corrupting
LVM and filesystem data.

Alright, I have found out that I would have to use either HA-LVM or
CLVMD. Actually, I think that HA-LVM would be more appropriate to me,
accordingly to what I've seen around. But, I'm really not sure about

What should I use, exactly? Does HA-LVM do what I want? Does it
prevent LVM volumes from being mounted by more than a node
simultaneously? I have thought about locking VGs on each server, with
CLMD, but I'm not sure if it is the correct way for that.

I can say for sure that I just need data access at one server at a time.

What would be the simplest and more correct way for doing this?

Thank you.

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