[Linux-cluster] cluster-3.0.0 problems starting up

Trevor Peirce tpeirce at etrafficsolutions.com
Mon Aug 24 19:24:14 UTC 2009

Steven Dake wrote:
> This means your XML format is invalid.  We are working on better error
> reporting when the XML format is invalid rather then this cryptic error.
> In the meantime, you can run strace -f cman, and libxml will print the
> errors in write system calls.  If you need help analyzing this output,
> send a link to the output from strace.

Ha! The problem was /var/log/cluster/ did not exist. Once I created this
directory cman_tool was able to create corosync.log inside there and
away we went.

Thanks for the guidance, strace pointed this out when I saw an error
about a file not opening.

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