[Linux-cluster] Can not establish new cluster 5.3 with luci - quorum error

Xavier Montagutelli xavier.montagutelli at unilim.fr
Thu Aug 27 07:08:21 UTC 2009

On Thursday 27 August 2009 01:36:26 Alan A wrote:
> I have tried almost everything at this point to try and troubleshoot this
> further. I can't create new cluster with luci.
> I broke and tried to reconfigure 3 node cluster at least 6 times.
> I have noticed nodes taking expectational long on initializing fencing upon
> cman start. I tried with defined and undefined fencing, the amount of time
> needed is still the same. Even after the fencing is overcome in
> /var/log/messages nodes refuse to join cluster due to the state of 'not in
> quorum' during joining process. I uped the post_join_delay as much as 150
> but the result is the same.
> Fencing - I use APC PW Switches - I can login into apc PWS from the node, I
> can even fence the other node, but when cman is started it looks like it is
> almost timign out on staring fencing.
> If I issue cman_tool nodes it gives me the local node name as the member of
> the cluster and the other two with state 'X'. If I try cman_tool join
> clustername - it tells me the nodes are already in that cluster but cluster
> as the whole does not register. Each node thinks it's the only working
> member of the cluster.
> Any pointers?

Yesterday, I have created a new cluster with a fresh install of CentOS 5.3, on 
three nodes. I used luci + ricci.

I disabled the firewall and SELinux (system-config-securitylevel-tui --disabled 
--selinux=disabled -q). I know it is supposed to work with SELinux now, but 
last time I tried it, it was still problematic.

You can also try the "clean_start="1" attribute in the "<fence_daemon >" tag 
(the fenced man page explains this parameter in the "Domain startup" section, 
perhaps that's why you have a long timeout during the intialization of the 

Did you also try your fencing methods with the "fence_manual -n " command 
(useful to validate the fence device) ?


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