[Linux-cluster] Use alternate network interfaces for heartbeat in RHCS

brem belguebli brem.belguebli at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 17:45:05 UTC 2009


It answers my last question.

I have been confused by some mention somewhere in a post or doc saying that
cman has a built-in algorithm to determine, just by adding entries in
/etc/hosts, the right interfaces to use .


2009/8/28 Christine Caulfield <ccaulfie at redhat.com>

> On 28/08/09 15:53, Christine Caulfield wrote:
>> On 28/08/09 15:24, brem belguebli wrote:
>>> Hi Chrissie,
>>> Are you pointing me to the paragraph "what's the right way to ....eth0 ?"
>>> I've tried this at first adding adding a suffix to the interfaces but
>>> nothing happened. Suffix -p may be hardcoded (I've used -hb)
>>> Here's an outputof my /etc/hosts (identical on both nodes):
>>> node1 node1.mydomain
>>> node2 node2.mydomain
>>> node1-hb
>>> node2-hb
>>> Still using bond0 ....
>>> Brem
>> The suffix isn't hard-coded or anything to do with cman really, it's
>> just a way of distinguishing interfaces.
>> You need to edit cluster.conf to tell it to use the different name.
>> If you get despertate then you can always put the IP address in
>> cluster.conf, but the output from cman_tool nodes doesn't look as nice!
> I haven't read that article in detail before but you're right, it makes no
> mention of changing cluster.conf!
> I've fixed that now, thank you.
> Chrissie
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