[Linux-cluster] GFS performance test

frank frank at si.ct.upc.edu
Wed Dec 2 11:53:46 UTC 2009

after seeing some posts related to GFS performance, we have decided to 
test our two-node GFS filesystem with ping_pong program.
We are worried about the results.

Running the program in only one node, without parameters, we get between 
800000 locks/sec and 900000 locks/sec
Running the program in both nodes over the same file on the shared 
filesystem, the lock rate did not drop and it is the same in both nodes! 
What does this mean? Is there any problem with locks ?

Just for you info, GFS filesystem is /mnt/gfs and what I run in both 
nodes is:

./ping_pong /mnt/gfs/tmp/test.dat 3

Thanks for your help.


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