[Linux-cluster] gfs2 assertion "!mapping->nrpages" failed on rsync

Dan Candea dan at quah.ro
Wed Dec 2 12:09:20 UTC 2009


randomly , during a nightly backup with rsync I receive the error below on a 3 
node setup with cluster2.  because of the withdraw I can't unmount without a 

does someone have a clue?

GFS2: fsid=data:FSdata.0: fatal: assertion "!mapping->nrpages" failed
GFS2: fsid=data:FSdata.0:   function = gfs2_meta_inval, file = 
fs/gfs2/meta_io.c, line = 110
GFS2: fsid=data:FSdata.0: about to withdraw this file system
GFS2: fsid=data:FSdata.0: telling LM to withdraw
GFS2: fsid=data:FSdata.0: withdrawn
Pid: 4643, comm: glock_workqueue Not tainted 2.6.28-hardened-r9 #1
Call Trace:
 [<ffffffffa008e4ea>] 0xffffffffa008e4ea
 [<ffffffff8025ecee>] 0xffffffff8025ecee
 [<ffffffffa0091307>] 0xffffffffa0091307
 [<ffffffffa008f640>] 0xffffffffa008f640
 [<ffffffffa000fc18>] 0xffffffffa000fc18
 [<ffffffffa000bfe8>] 0xffffffffa000bfe8
 [<ffffffff8022605c>] 0xffffffff8022605c
 [<ffffffffa008f060>] 0xffffffffa008f060
 [<ffffffffa008e5cb>] 0xffffffffa008e5cb
 [<ffffffffa00912f3>] 0xffffffffa00912f3
 [<ffffffffa0077a9b>] 0xffffffffa0077a9b
 [<ffffffffa0076a03>] 0xffffffffa0076a03
 [<ffffffffa00771f7>] 0xffffffffa00771f7
 [<ffffffff8023b43e>] 0xffffffff8023b43e
 [<ffffffff8023b571>] 0xffffffff8023b571
 [<ffffffff8023eee5>] 0xffffffff8023eee5
 [<ffffffff8023eee5>] 0xffffffff8023eee5
 [<ffffffff8023b4d8>] 0xffffffff8023b4d8
 [<ffffffff8023e794>] 0xffffffff8023e794
 [<ffffffff802035e9>] 0xffffffff802035e9
 [<ffffffff8023e72b>] 0xffffffff8023e72b
 [<ffffffff802035df>] 0xffffffff802035df

Dan Cândea
Does God Play Dice?

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