[Linux-cluster] Cluster configuration enquiry

avi at myphonebook.co.in avi at myphonebook.co.in
Wed Dec 9 07:03:59 UTC 2009


I am a newbie to clustering in Linux. Just wanted some advice. 

My requirements are as under: 

I am hosting several domains and dynamic/static websites. I need load balancing and redundancy.

Hardware : 3 systems ( one public IP address ).

outside world                    internal lan
---------------------> node A ------------------> node B   
public IP address        | 
                         | internal lan
                        node C

The cluster will use LVS-NAT and mysql clustering on gigabit ethernet.

node A: two interfaces with a public ip and an internal lan IP. It will host the mysql management node and LVS. 

node B and node C: apache + mysql storage nodes. connected to node A on internal IP.

LVS with persistence will make sure that user sessions are honored. Mysql cluster will make sure that the databases are up to date, on both nodes B and C. 

I do not plan to use GFS, because I do not want to invest in a SAN right now.

Any ideas or comments?

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