[Linux-cluster] Backup strategies for large-ish GFS2 filesystems.

jr johannes.russek at io-consulting.net
Thu Dec 10 11:03:48 UTC 2009

Hello Ray,
unfortunately we only have a very small gfs volume running, but how are
you doing backups? Are you doing snapshots and mounting them with

Am Mittwoch, den 09.12.2009, 11:08 -0800 schrieb Ray Van Dolson:
> How do those of you with large-ish GFS2 filesystems (and multiple
> nodes) handle backups?  I'm specifically thinking of people running
> mailspools and such with many files.
> I'd be interested in hearing your space usage, inode usage and how long
> it takes you to do a full and diff backup to see if the numbers we're
> seeing are reasonable.
> Thanks!
> Ray
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