[Linux-cluster] Quorum disk over RAID software device

Jakov Sosic jakov.sosic at srce.hr
Tue Dec 15 10:58:34 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-12-14 at 23:15 +0100, Rafael Micó Miranda wrote:

> - Using an LVM-Mirror device as a Qdisk and creating additional LUNs for
> mirror and log in both storage arrays: if the Qdisk is a Clustered
> Logical Volume,

But is it possible to have clustered LVM-mirror? And if so, how? I would
be very interested in something like that...

Sorry that I haven't helped you out with this one, but if there is
possibility to have mirrored volumes I would be very interested...
Because it would solve lot of my problems...

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