[Linux-cluster] Running KVM VM as a cluster service in RHCS

Bohdan Sydor bohdan at harazd.net
Mon Dec 28 09:52:44 UTC 2009


In Release Notes to RHEL 5.4 you can read that

``running the cluster suite in conjunction with KVM hypervisor is
considered to be a Technology Preview''. I installed and ran a clustered
vm service under KVM hypervisor for tests and it worked fine.

I'm planning to deploy a clustered KVM vm service in production. It is
going to be a two-node cluster with a DB service on one node and KVM vm
service (Windows 2003 or 2088 --- Terminal services) on the other.

My question is: has anyone been using KVM virtual machines as a cluster
service in production and are there any caveats? Thanks for any suggestions.


Bohdan Sydor

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