[Linux-cluster] Custom recovery policy: restart then relocate ?

Theophanis Kontogiannis theophanis_kontogiannis at yahoo.gr
Mon Feb 2 09:04:29 UTC 2009

Hi Mockey,

If you choose "restart" then what you want to do is the default behavior for
clustered services.
If you choose "restart" as policy, then the service will be first restarted,
and if it fails it will be relocated (as long as you have the service, run
on any cluster member and not only on one cluster member).


Theophanis Kontogiannis

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> Hi,
> I want to one of my cluster service's recovery policy like this:
> When detected the service failed, first try to restart it, if restart
> failed, then try to relocate it.
> I can one choose restart or relocate in configure, anybody can give some
> hints.
> Thanks.
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