[Linux-cluster] cman 2.0.98 // return code on mkqdisk -L has been changed ?

Alain.Moulle Alain.Moulle at bull.net
Tue Feb 3 13:02:27 UTC 2009


It seems that between cman 2.0.73 and cman 2.0.98, the return code
on mkqdisk -L has been changed when there is no qdisk configured :

-2.0.73 : mkqdisk -L returned 0 even if there was no quorum disk configured

-2.0.98  : mkqdisk -L returns 255 if no quorum has been configured.

And I can't see any trace about this change in the cman.spec %changelog 

Is the last one the definitive behavior ?
or is there an error somewhere?

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