[Linux-cluster] [ANNOUNCE] Changes in the STABLE3 release procedure

Fabio M. Di Nitto fdinitto at redhat.com
Thu Feb 5 10:09:32 UTC 2009

Hi everybody,

for sometime now, the team has been considering the option to split the
cluster 3.0.0 tarball into different pieces.

The main reason driving this requirement is that both fence agents and
resource agents receive a lot more bug fixes than the normal code.

Updating the whole code, when only a script is updated, it's overkilling
for the users.

In order to reduce the amount of updates, we had to change the way in
which we release from upstream.

For the past couple of cluster-3.0.0.alpha releases, we introduced an
helper script that generates two more (optional) tarballs.

So this is how it works now.

At release time, the automated release script will create 3 tarballs:
- cluster-$version.tar.gz
- resource-agents-$version.tar.gz
- fence-agents-$version.tar.gz

cluster-$version.tar.gz is _unchanged_ and it contains everything
exactly like before.

resource-agents-$version.tar.gz contains only the rgmanager resource

fence-agents-$version.tar.gz contains only fence agents.

*If you package or build the whole stack from cluster-$version.tar.gz
you do _NOT_ need resource-agents or fence-agents tarballs.*

Building resource-agents and fence-agents tarballs is a bit more rough
than building the whole stack as they inherit the whole build system
from cluster. This will slowly change in time.

If you are packager or a user and you want to switch to a "split"
release, those are our recommendations:

- configure/build cluster-$version.tar.gz with
  --without_fence_agents --without_resource_agents
- package/install cluster-$version
- configure fence-agents with normal options as you always did.
  fence-agents _requires_ cluster to be installed to build fence_xvm.
- build fence-agents using:
  make -C fence/agents
- package/install fence-agents using:
  make -C fence/agents install
  make -C fence/man install
- configure resource-agents with normal options as you always did.
- build resource-agents using:
  make -C rgmanager/src/resources
- install resource-agents using:
  make -C rgmanager/src/resources
- package/install resource-agents

Make sure to keep the configure options (specially paths) consistent
across the 3 tarballs or things will not work.

At this point, you can simply update only fence-agents or
resource-agents or only cluster depending on what has changed upstream.

A lot of distribution ship rgmanager as standalone package/daemon.
If you do, rgmanager will require/depend resource-agents to run. So make
sure to express this in your favourite packaging system.

If you have any doubt, please don't hesitate to ask or stay on the same
track as before by using only cluster-$version.tar.gz.


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