[Linux-cluster] why all services stops when a node reboots?

ESGLinux esggrupos at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 08:17:45 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I´m testing a cluster using luci as admin tool. I have configured 2 nodes
with 2 services http + mysql. This configuration works almost fine. I have
the services running on the node1
 and y reboot this node1. Then the services relocates to node2 and all
contnues working but, when the node1 goes up all the services stops.

I think that the node1, when comes alive, tries to run the services and that
makes the services stops, can it be true? I think node1 should not start
anything because the services are running in node2.

Perphaps is a problem with the configuration, perhaps with fencing (i have
not configured fencing at all)

here is my cluster.conf. Any idea?

Thanks in advace


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster alias="MICLUSTER" config_version="29" name="MICLUSTER">
        <fence_daemon clean_start="0" post_fail_delay="0"
                <clusternode name="node1" nodeid="1" votes="1">
                <clusternode name="node2" nodeid="2" votes="1">
        <cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>
                        <failoverdomain name="DOMINIOFAIL" nofailback="0"
d="1" restricted="1">
                                <failoverdomainnode name="node1"
                                <failoverdomainnode name="node2"
                        <ip address="" monitor_link="1"/>
                <service autostart="1" domain="DOMINIOFAIL" exclusive="0"
HTTP" recovery="relocate">
                        <apache config_file="conf/httpd.conf" name="http"
_root="/etc/httpd" shutdown_wait="0"/>
                        <ip ref=""/>
                <service autostart="1" domain="DOMINIOFAIL" exclusive="0"
BBDD" recovery="relocate">
                        <mysql config_file="/etc/my.cnf"
.1.183" name="mydb" shutdown_wait="0"/>
                        <ip ref=""/>
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