[Linux-cluster] hardware suggestions for a simple cluster

Stephen Gilbert linuxelf at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 14:48:21 UTC 2009

We use Linux-ha (http://linux-ha.org) and drbd instead of a shared
disk.  It plays nicely with Xen.  In one instance, we've got two Xen
servers, each housing 4 virtual servers in separate clusters, all
sharing data with drbd.  It works very well.  We're also using CentOS,
so none of the software used costs anything.

Geoffrey wrote:
> I'm hoping to put together a simple two machine cluster with some kind
> of shared disk.  This is simply so that I can get some hands on
> experience with a cluster.  The plan is to cluster the two machines,
> then run xen virtual machines on top of that.
> As I'm self employed, the key here is the best price.  It doesn't have
> to be the best solution, but a workable one that will give me
> practical experience.
> Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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