[Linux-cluster] GFS+NFS+KDE

Corey Kovacs corey.kovacs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 22:04:08 UTC 2009

Up until I upgraded my cluster nodes to RHEL5.3, I was able to use KDE
with nfs based home dirs off of a GFS1 export. I have never been able
to get firefox 3.x to run acceptably at all. After the upgrade, KDE
stopped working altogether and firefox still doesn't work. They both
work with local users just fine. KDE it seems requires that it's lock
can be guaranteed and firefox 3.x has issues with things going across
NFS due to sqllite issues. The sqllite issues were supposed to be
fixed but it still doesn't work in my setup.

My question is simply what can I do, if anything, to improve this. Are
others seeing the same issues? I am trying to get this cluster into
production but if it means that half of the apps that people use are
not going to work, then there is little point in inflicting this on
the users.

Any help is appreciated.

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