[Linux-cluster] Monitoring Failovers

Burton Simonds burton at simondsfamily.com
Fri Feb 20 16:04:37 UTC 2009

I am in the process of setting up Nagios for system monitoring, and I
would like to have a way to know if a failover has occurred.  If
everything works as it should, there be a minimal impact on the
services.  Right now it looks like my best bet is basically scrape the
logs and look for the failover messages there and trigger an alarm.

I was wondering if anyone else has done anything.  I found in an
archive a check_rhcs script that I am going to employ (which looks
pretty cool), but that just looks at the status of the services.  I
want to either compare the current status to the previous status or
have something monitoring the cluster an pushes the alert to Nagios.


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